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Born into a Bosniak family near Tuzla , SR Bosnia and Herzegovina , she grew up in Brčko , the youngest child of Abid Jahić ( c.  1928 – 22 October 2010) and Ifeta ( née Smajlović; 15 April 1934 – 21 November 2014). [2] Both of her parents are originally from villages near Srebrenik ; her father was born in Ježinac and her maternal family hailed from Ćehaje . [3] Fahreta grew up in a Muslim [4] [5] home with sister Faketa and brother Faruk. [6] At the start of the Bosnian War in 1992, her sister Faketa escaped to Canada , where she lives today, [7] [8] while Brena stayed in Belgrade where she had been living since 1980.

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Mira Škorić - Za Moj RođendanMira Škorić - Za Moj RođendanMira Škorić - Za Moj RođendanMira Škorić - Za Moj Rođendan