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During her early adolescence, Namora moved to the Atlantis Antarctic capital with her father. When she was initially introduced to Namor, the youthful prince of Atlantis did not have any interest in hanging out with a girl. Forced by his mother Princess Fen , Namor took Namora out with him to play with his cousin Byrrah and his friend Meranno . [6] When exploring a sunken submarine, Namor found himself caught in a torpedo tube, and learned a lesson in humility when Namora proved to be the only one with the strength to free him. [7] Thereafter, Namora earned Namor's respect and the two spent much of their early adolescence together. [6] Sometime later, Namora joined Namor and Byrrah on a trip to the surface where they explored the abandoned Antarctic town of "Little America". While exploring one of the cabins, Namora accidentally knocked over a can of kerosene causing a massive fire that threatened to burn her alive. Luckily, Namor rescued her using his unrealized strength. [8] However, soon afterword, Namora and her father left Atlantis again. [6]

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Atlas:Empire - To The Astronaut...Atlas:Empire - To The Astronaut...Atlas:Empire - To The Astronaut...Atlas:Empire - To The Astronaut...